Mix06 Thailand Demo Screencasts

posted 2006-03-30

I've recorded and posted screencasts for the demo-building portion of my Mix06 talk. It's broken up into four parts:

  1. XamlPad: A quick, live introduction to XAML where I display some photos in a thumbnail view
  2. Visual Studio & Expression: I use Visual Studio and Expression to create the initial UI for the application
  3. Richer Typography: Adding a custom font to our application as well as page layout for the text
  4. Simple Video: Add video into the project and demonstrate code behind

I know everyone's very excited to hear me stutter and sound silly over a PC microphone. Believe it or not, doing a screencast is harder than coding live on stage.

The total viewing time is just over 22 minutes (I'll post a link to the combined video shortly). The application isn't super-complex, but my goal during the talk was to give an overview and taste for the platform.

If there's interest, I can expand upon the sample in order to make it more sophisticated.

If you have the Feb CTP installed, you can run the application via the browser:

A WPF XBAP application showing pictures from Thailand along with flowing, multi-column text

You can download the source files, but note that I haven't included the font (Lindsey) in the source as the licensing terms do not permit it. Lindsey will be available with the WPF SDK when we release.

Update: Here's a link to the combined video -- which is still a little too blurry look good. I'm trying to find a better hosting solution for the video. Update: Get a higher-res, full length version of the video on Channel9