Watch the PDC Talks

posted 2005-10-25

As Mike announced last night, the PDC talks have been posted online for streaming. Here's a direct link to my talk: PRS330: Creating Rich Content Experiences in Your WPF/Avalon Applications.

Every talk is posted, so there's a lot to watch. Here are direct links to talks by my fellow team members (note that there are other WPF/Avalon-related sessions as well, make sure to browse the Presentation track if you're interested):

Speaker(s) Session
Michael Wallent PRS200: Choosing the Right Presentation Technology: WPF/Avalon, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, IE, and more
Rob Relyea PRS305: A Lap around WPF/Avalon
Pablo Fernicola PRS309: Overview of Windows Vista Graphics
Nick Kramer PRS313: Integrating WPF/Avalon with your Win32/MFC Application
Lauren Lavoie PRS314: Using Application Services
Robbie Ingebretsen PRS317: Beautiful Code, Beautiful Design - Applications Your Designers Can Work With
Namita Gupta PRS324: Using Data in Your WPF/Avalon Applications
Kam VedBrat PRS325: Advanced Graphics (Part 1): 2D, 3D, and Text
Alexander Stevenson PRS327: Optimizing WPF/Avalon applications for performance
Greg Schechter PRS328: Advanced Graphics (Part 2): Animations, Imaging, Effects, and Media
Henry Hahn PRS329: Building User Interfaces with Advanced Layout Techniques
Filipe Fortes PRS330: Creating Rich Content Experiences in Your WPF/Avalon Applications
Kevin Moore PRS431: Building Custom Controls
Chris Anderson, Jeff Bogdan, and Greg Schechter PRS435: Going under the Hood to Understand the Architecture

Note: You'll need to use Internet Explorer to view the presentations